Snowy Dog.

Snowy Dog is our exasperating golden retriever. When she was a puppy, her favorite thing to do was roll in the snow. My youngest son, a toddler at the time, started calling her Snowy Dog and it stuck…and rolling in the snow is still her favorite thing. This site is a sandbox for the web projects hiding behind its home page. It’s not pretty, but it’s practical.



I’m Rachel, mom to two active, smart, funny sons and one snowy dog. I’m also the Chief Information Officer for the High Desert Education Service District. I spend my weekdays working with websites, databases, classroom technology, and — most fortunately — amazing people. I spend my weekends exploring gorgeous Central Oregon and chasing after those boys and dog.



This site is the home of my presentations and projects. They range from sandboxes for XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL projects to…training slide decks on Google Apps or WordPress to…small project sites for classes and community groups.