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Leadership Book Presentation :: Lessons Learned

The principle of execution, discussed and actively implemented by Bossidy and Charan, can be useful in all organizations, not just the corporate environment. The authors illustrate the problems they see and ways to combat those problems. So, we didn’t have to search far for meaningful leadership lessons and ideas that resonated with us. Through their own experiences, they explain the discipline of executing a plan, the building blocks needed for execution, and the processes involved in execution. So, from their wisdom, we constructed these six leadership lessons.

  1. The leader has to be honest with himself/herself and with others to know his/her business and people.
  2. An execution approach to change is reality-based.
  3. Management should set forth clear goals in a simple, direct manner.
  4. Leading for execution involves “active-involvement”: robust dialogue, accountability for results, and follow-through.
  5. Rewards should be linked to performance with transparent linkages.
  6. People’s capabilities can be expanded through coaching.