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Leadership Book Presentation :: Other Books Considered

Drucker, Peter
The Effective Executive
New York: Harper Collins, 2006

Though Peter Drucker is considered the "father of management," his writing style can be considered "old fashioned" (ex. "Brilliant men," "men of high effectiveness," "he must direct himself," etc.) . Some members of the group view this language as sexist.

Hill, Linda
Becoming a Manager: How New Managers Master the Challenges of Leadership
Cambridge: Harvard Business School Press, 2003

This book is often recommended in leadership workshops, but since it is nearly 500 pages in length, it was considered too long for the time allotted.

Hernon, Peter and Nancy Rossiter
Making a Difference: Leadership and Academic Libraries
Portsmouth: Libraries Unlimited, 2006

This book was rejected due to its specificity. Our group was looking for a broader book on management in general. This book applies specifically to leadership in academic libraries.

Senge, Peter, Art Kleiner, Charlotte Roberts, George Roth,
Richard Ross, and Bryan Smith
The Dance of Change
New York: Doubleday, 1999

This book was given serious consideration. Its style is attractive, giving the readers various activity-based methods to learn leadership skills. However, its length (600 pages) and the complexity of some of the activities (given the time allotted for this assignment) were the biggest hindrances to it being our number-one choice.