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Leadership Book Presentation :: Published Reviews

Academy of Management Executive
Overall Review: Positive
Summary: Thorough, provides detailed information and lessons from the text; further promotes the book as a text for MBA candidates.
Meaningful quote: "Getting it done. Isn't that what we expect from our leaders" (165).

Academy of Management Perspectives
Overall Review: Positive
Summary: Balanced; spent equal time on the many, valid, valuable lessons and the ones to question.
Meaningful Quote: "Either Bossidy failed to embed execution in AlliedSignal’s culture which I doubt, or execution is far more ephemeral than the book implies. If it is so heavily dependent on senior leaders that it cannot withstand their departure, then execution is a fad likely to come and go with different executive regimes" (131).

Business Week
Overall Review: Lukewarm
Summary: The book is an ode to Jack Welch...needed to add more meat on the failures...good advice from successful gurus, but anemic....
Meaningful Quote: "Their volume is a thorough if somewhat unexciting guide to making ideas work" (¶2).

Industry Week
Overall Review: Positive
Summary: Bossidy is tough; his personal contribution is best part of the book.
Meaningful Quote: "Like Bossidy, Execution is tough on management, but not mean-spirited" (11).

Publisher's Weekly
Overall Review: Positive
Summary: Review encourages managers to use this book - Bossidy and Charan offer "dead on" assessments of execution.
Meaningful Quote: "This is a terrific book that will make smart managers rethink how business gets done within every level of their organization or department" (51).

Wall Street Journal
Overall Review: Lukewarm
Summary: Review stresses that making money is NOT easy (uses image of hellish strategy-session conference room); Bossidy and Charan have a history of working hard on the execution.
Meaningful Quote: "Like leadership and success, execution is a big enough idea that it can, when pressed, subsume nearly everything in business and in life. Thus the book ranges widely, at times losing track of its must-execute theme." (¶4).